Interior Design Proposal

Different interior designing firms need the interior design proposal in which they provide a description of the services they provide. The purpose of this proposal is to make the prospective client know about the services that he can render.

The interior design proposal is a document prepared by interior designing firms in which the details about the services and the cost of the services are documented. This proposal is beneficial for all those firms or individuals who want to get the project interior designing.

When an organization or an individual needs an interior designer, it offers various interior designers to come forward and submit their proposals. Through this proposal, the client comes to know which design firm has the best things to offer. The cost of hiring every firm is also considered and then a decision is made.

The interior design proposal is also useful to be used by the people who want to let the client know about their services.

Writing the proposal effectively…

Writing an interior design proposal is very easy if you know how to pitch your services effectively. Before you start creating the proposal, sit back and figure out the details of your company that your client may be interested in. Try to include all those details so that the client can know about you in a relatively better way.

Include the profile of your company in which you can tell the type of services you have provided, experience, number of satisfied customers, and many other details.

Mention the details about the team of interior designers that work in coordination with the job done. If you are writing the proposal specifically for a project, give the description of that project in a summarized way.  It is very important for you to let the client know how well you have understood the needs of the client.

Download the online tool of internal design template that not only assists the user in drafting his own proposal but also a readymade complete proposal.

Sample Proposal Template

I am writing this letter to seek your approval for setting up my business interior design. I have been associated with XYZ company for 8 years and have gained enormous experience.

After my graduation, I always wanted to gain some ground knowledge and then set up my business. Therefore, I joined XYZ as an intern and started doing the basic chores of picking and dropping.

XYZ was the only company that provided opportunities to fresh graduates and trusted them with their work. With the passage of time, I worked hard and attained the position of a senior manager in the company and my ideas and designs got recognition from company fellows as well as from clients which increased my self-confidence and allowed me to take a step further in the following direction.

I want to leave my job as I believe that I already learned enough from the company and want to set up my own business in interior designing. I also want to provide opportunities to newbies as I believe that ideas generated by fresh minds are incomparable and have greater value because of their link to creativity, innovation, and modern technology.

I need approval from the Home Decor department to set up my business and start working. I have already decided on the project and devised a proposal.  The proposal is attached with the following letter and seeks your approval.

Anxiously waiting for your comments.


Interior design is the art of enhancing the interior spaces of a building or home to make them aesthetically pleasant and comfortable. All the planning and managing of the whole process is performed by interior designers.


Interior designers are professionals who take on projects and transform spaces into magnificent sights. The profession of interior design is vast and covers many departments such as sightseeing, space planning, conceptual development, programming, meetings with professionals, approvals from clients, construction management, and execution of the idea.

After taking the project, professionals view the space from different angles and make predictions about how to use it that serve the purpose right. In addition to placing and using different objects, a 3d view of the space is created using different colors and objects through modern technology. Interior designers decorate the space according to the requirements of clients and the maximum usage of space.

For example…

For instance, personal offices are enhanced by adding furniture, stationary holders, quotes of famous authors, decoration articles, and others. The struggle is to make it look official as well as comfortable for the client. Homes are designed in quite opposite manner as every room require different addition and many factors are considered before placing anything.

Natural light, ventilation, and privacy are the major factors that are always kept in mind. Lounge interiors require the addition of comfortable sitting, decor pieces on the mantle, an extraordinary fireplace, seating to enjoy the natural light, and much more.

Most of the clients want interior designers to work with a specific theme around their house and these themes can be serious such as art deco, mid-century, or can be funky i.e., cartoon or movie character theme.

The first project…

The first project that I will be doing after the business setup and formation of the team would be my sister. Her house needs a complete make-over to make rooms for a toddler and a newborn. House needs a completely changed interior as it has not been remodeled in years and would be a very long project with a limited budget. The layout of the whole home has been made and is mentioned below,

  • The kitchen needs fresh paint on all cabinets along with the addition of pantry and storage boxes for pantry organization.
  • The toddler room requires a bed and study table by the window to make sure the entrance of natural light. Moreover, a cupboard with vanity lights and a mirror in the center would also be installed.
  • The nursery room requires the addition of a movable crib, bassinet for sleeping, cabinets, and drawers for clothes and essentials, and a rocking chair with a footstool for feeding the baby. Adding a diaper changing space will make the room cozy. Curtains would be thick to create total blackout and a sound machine will be installed for cutting out noises.
  • The Master bedroom is in a need of a complete makeover with the addition of the comfiest bed, a divan, and modern dressing with minimal space for decoration articles. A walk-in closet will be made to keep all the extra clothes and sheets.
  • The lounge needs the installation of a new TV along with the change of sofa to L- shape because it would suit more.
  • The laundry room requires minimal changes such as the addition of a mantle to keep detergents, softeners, etc.


Taking up and doing projects is easy when you are qualified and experienced but setting up the business from scratch is difficult. This hard task can be achieved by following the below-mentioned objectives,

  • Renting a place for setting up the entire business and accommodating the team on board.
  • Hiring team members to work alongside me for working on projects.
  • Purchasing high-quality equipment and accessories for projects.
  • Hiring staff for performing various other chores at the office such as managing team, tracking their presence and performance during projects, managing pay of team members, dealing with clients, and arranging meetings.
  • Contacting potential clients and making connections through good reviews on projects.
  • Giving special attention to research and planning to know where the world is going in the field of interior design.
  • Using effective strategies for marketing the business in a good manner.

Keys to success

Success can only be achieved with determination and continuous efforts. All the shortcuts are momentary and do not promise goals. Some of the tips that can be followed are given below,

  • Do not make promises, to the client, that you cannot keep
  • Always provide good and reliable service to earn loyal customers


Interior Design Proposal