Software Project Proposal Letter

A software project proposal letter is written by an individual or an organization, that either need approval and/or funds for a software project. It is addressed to either a government authority, a client organization, or an investor. In this letter, the addresser describes his software and requests permission to develop it. In addition, the money needed for its development is also sought.

Sometimes, the clients approach the software developers and ask them to develop special software for them as per their requirements. In other cases, the companies may want to realize their idea of software and are seeking approval and funds for it, so they approach the authorities or investors themselves. In either case, the software developers have to design software, prepare a proposal, and approach the relevant party to start developing the software.

A software project proposal letter is, usually, attached with a software project proposal, as it gives the offer a personalized perspective. In addition, it is a way to create and gain the addressee’s attention. As the organization gets a chance to market itself through this letter, it increases the chances of approval for the software.

This letter can contain varying information as per the requirements of the organization, the needs of the client, the offers made by the organization, etc. Details of the letter are:

  • Letter Date:
  • Authority or investor.
  • Organization or individual proposing the software.
  • The description of the proposed software, including what it offers, and how it can fulfill the client’s requirements, cost, time for development, etc.
  • Experience and competitive advantage of the organization.
  • Seek approval.
  • Any free services or offers.
  • Show availability and flexibility.
  • Gratitude
  • Salutations and signature.

If the client is interested in the idea of new software, it will reply through a formal approval letter, and inform the software developer that the development work can be started. In addition, the client may also propose changes, add more requirements, or include a few conditions in the response letter as well. On the other hand, if the client does not see any potential in the proposed software, he simply refuses to approve or fund it.

Sample Software Project Proposal Letter


Dear Ms. Sarah,

I am writing this letter about our meeting held on 4th June 20XX. We have thoroughly understood your company’s requirements and have designed software that will completely fulfill the purpose, for which you want to deploy the new software. We want to propose this new software project and need your approval for its development.

Being an IT company, we have been providing software solutions for organizations for many years. Our focus is cost-effectiveness, which makes us different from our competitors. We try to develop software in minimum time with the least possible cost.

The proposed software (details are attached) will take three months to develop after the legal approval. The total cost will be $[X]. There are no hidden costs, and all the relevant charges, such as deployment fees, taxes, etc., are included in this cost. If any issue in the software arises after we hand it over, we will provide free services for three months.

We aspire to sell you software that is one of its kind. Kindly, approve the proposal soon, so that we can seek legal approval as well. Looking forward to working with you.

We will be happy to answer any of your questions. Feel free to contact us at [X].

Thank you.


Jill Wilson.


Software Project Proposal Letter