Dry Cleaning Services Business Proposal

It is stated that I have been working with the dry-cleaning department of ABC Hotel. I have been working here for 10 years and have been promoted from a simple worker to the rank of manager. I also lead a team of 9 members and together we complete the tasks provided by our employer.

My job description includes the picking up of laundry from the rooms on demand, dry cleaning it, and then leaving it in a specific room. Hotels provide free of charge dry cleaning service to their customers therefore, customers prefer to get them dry clean instead of taking used clothes back to their homes and do the laundry themselves. It is very important to take care of the clothes and avoid staining or tearing of clothes as it will put a bad impact on the hotel management in the eyes of customers.

In addition to the laundry of customers, we also dry clean uniforms of all hotel staff, bedsheets, pillows, duvets, comforters, curtains, and other washable items. Most of the staff live in nearby hostels as the hotel is very far from the residential area and is located close to the scenery to attract more customers. The daily commute to home and hotel can be very expensive for the pocket therefore, most staff live in nearby hostels.

I have been living in hostels for 10 years and this difficult life is taking its toll on me. I cannot continue to work like this therefore, I want to start a dry-cleaning business of my own in my area so that I can live at my home and earn. I have designed a proposal for my idea and estimated all the finances. All such businesses are approved by the following department before their start. I have attached my business proposal for complete guidance.


Manager at ABC Hotel


Dry cleaning is the process of cleaning textiles or clothes with water-free solvent. It includes the use of chemicals that do not disrupts the material of fabric and clean it properly. It is similar to laundry done at home but the major difference is the use of a liquid solvent to clean clothes instead of detergent and water. The solvent used contains very low or no quantity of water therefore, the process is known as dry cleaning. Large and advanced computer-controlled dry-cleaning machines are used by dry cleaners.

The solvent used for cleaning evaporates rapidly than water, therefore, the solvent is not drained or disposed of after washing instead it is passed through filters to remove the impurities gathered through cleaning and distilled to make it clear and this solvent can be used for cleaning next batch of clothes. Dry cleaning is preferred over laundry because using water causes swelling of fibers in clothes and results in fading of garments.

Whereas solvents do not harm fiber and act on oil and fats much faster as these components are the reason behind greasy stains. After cleaning, garments are provided a finish with either steaming or pressing. Steaming is good for embroidered or fancy clothes as it eases out the wrinkles whereas, pressing clothes imparts a crisp and smoothness. After pressing, garments are packaged and delivered on request.

Dry cleaning services provided can be of two types,

  1. On-site plant: it involves the collection of garments from customers and their washing at the same place. These plants require a large operating area to include huge cleaning machines along with pressing and packaging counters.
  2. Dry cleaning shop: these shops act as a reception for the cleaning plant as they are established to receive garments from customers and process them elsewhere. They do not require huge space as garments are kept here for a small period of time and are shifted to cleaning plants.


It is a very hard nut to crack to start a new business as it requires serious determination, finances, and deep knowledge of the field. This hard task can be completed by dividing it into the following manageable and doable objectives,

  • Renting a place for business appearance and dealing with customers
  • Setting up the land behind my house to install a cleaning plant.
  • Buying cleaning machines and other equipment from the best market
  • Purchasing furniture and stationery to set up the shop.
  • Hiring employees to work as management, administration, cleaning, workers, receptionist, and others.
  • Setting up the procedure of pick and drop garments service to the customers to increase sales.
  • Employing good marketing strategies to generate revenue.


Every business requires a specific skill set to make it successful because there are no hard and fast rules to achieve success. Following skills can be very useful for running this business,

  • A professional degree in the field or a certification to legalize the process of registration at the department. A diploma in the following field can also be accepted.
  • Communication skills are very crucial as this business relies on customer care therefore, it is important to communicate properly and understand their demands regarding their garments. Try to provide exceptional service to all customers.
  • Leadership qualities allow to manage a huge team of workers and draw maximum work from them in less time. It allows you to provide a working environment to the workers and ease their minds.
  • Financial knowledge is very important for every business as every setup requires finances and it is important to know about them. From purchasing chemicals to paying workers, everything involves money. Financial knowledge frees you from hiring any extra help and be dependent on them.
  • Customer care should be a priority of every worker as a business is based on the influx of customers. Provide all the services that customers may require and do not give any reason to complain.


Dry Cleaning Services Business Proposal