Legal Retainer Proposal

I have served as an assistant and later got promoted to the rank of a manager and have been taking care of tasks since then. At ABC company, we provide various services to our valued customers and make sure that every customer is attended to, and their needs are met.

Consultation and other research operations are conducted by use whenever any client wants to pursue the hiring process for their company or business. It provides them ease that they can list their requirements and leave the matter to us to provide a combination of great knowledge and experience.

Since last year, I have been thinking of changing some scenarios which work in the favour of our company and keep us protected. I want to draw your attention towards hiring a legal firm onboard and allowing them to manage all our legal affairs so that we do not have to worry about these matters because they are very entangled and can cause trouble unknowingly.

I have already devised a proposal for the services provided by the legal firm and how they would be beneficial for the company. Kindly find my attached proposal with the following letter and consider it.

Anxiously waiting for your response.


A legal retainer is defined as the amount of fee that any client pays to the attorney or legal counsels either all upfront or in small installments. Legal retainers also bound attorneys to reserve specific time for the special clients regardless of their workload.

A retainer is placed into the attorney’s account and is used for paying legal fees of the attorney and also bears other expenses related to the client’s case. A retainer is a way of providing financial freedom to the attorney and letting him know that client is capable of paying and bearing all expenses.

Although placed in the attorney’s account, the retainer belongs to the client unless the attorney has earned it or used it on legal expenses pertaining to the client’s case. The retainer should be returned to its rightful owner if it remains unused after the case is finished.

Generally, retainers do not cover the cost of the whole matter rather they cover a portion of the expenses and ensure financial trust in the attorney regarding money whereas it bounds the attorney to take the matter seriously. If the retainer is finished during legal activities, it can be paid in installments or altogether depending on the ease of clients as well as attorneys.


Services provided by legal retainers may vary depending on the matter, clients, and attorneys but most the law firms provide the following services,

  • Legal services regarding the business of the clients and different matters arising during business dealings.
  • Updating legal documents and informing clients about changes in the laws related to business and other matters to keep them informed.
  • Preparation of notes and minutes related to meetings conducted by managers and the board of directors.
  • Reviewing all the legal matters and documents between clients and their customers or competitors or partners.
  • Planning all the contracts and agreements on behalf of their clients.
  • Protecting clients from all fronts either personal or professional and providing legal solutions to every problem.
  • Legal counsel will be responsible for researching and analyzing results, products, and services offered by potential partners and providing a clear picture to the client.
  • All tasks pertaining to will, agreements, contracts, and other matters will be handled by attorneys and the client will be informed in case of any unfortunate incidents.


There are different modes of payment that are agreed upon by both clients and attorneys. Attorneys could charge clients for their services in hourly, monthly, or yearly packages depending on the seriousness and nature of the matter. Some of the key points that should be considered important are given below,

  • The retainer will be a fixed amount based on hourly fees for a month.
  • The client is free to choose any mode of service provided by the attorneys.
  • The ending of one contract will require a renewal for further assistance.
Legal retainer proposal template