New Staff Recruitment Proposal

ABC Company
East Road, London
Max Shepherd
Board of Directors
Company ABC
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It is stated that I am the manager of the operations department. I have given my 10 years to this company and I am a very proud employee. I have delivered my projects that were exceptional and were highly appreciated by clients. My department runs smoothly under my command and no complaints have ever been logged about my people. We work as a team in every project and that is the key to our success.

In view of the latest project assigned to my department, I would like to request for the hiring of additional staff for my department. Current members of my department are already working on ongoing projects and they cannot be burdened beyond the limit, so they won’t be able to cope with additional responsibilities related to the latest project as its deadline is near. I, therefore request you to hire 3 employees in the department.

With the influx of more manpower, responsibilities will be shared, and work would be up to the mark.


Operations Manager,
Daniel Effron
Contact: +[X]

Sample Template


The operation department of our company is in dire need of expansion due to the heavy influx of very lengthy projects. All the members of my department are already occupied with previous projects and to meet the deadlines of new projects, it is important to hire extra help. Due to incoming projects, meetings are conducted for discussion with the clients. Such meetings consume a day’s work of my department as they have to prepare proposals for each project and also make amendments according to the likings of clients. It would be a wise move to assign new projects to new members with fresh minds engaging new, thrilling ideas that can be incorporated into projects.

Since the deadline of our project is approaching rapidly, hiring should be our priority. Please consider my request as it is important for the success of our organization.

I eagerly await your response.

Services provided by Operations department:

  • Production
  • Logistics
  • Production planning
  • Costing
  • Purchasing and procurement

Hiring new members will have the following impact on our organization,

  • Work efficiency will be enhanced as tasks will be shared among more employees.
  • As the burden will be less on existing employees, the company will be able to avoid turnover.
  • Enhanced productivity leads to acquiring more projects and may result in increased annual revenue.
  • A large team will prove good for the company’s portfolio.

Posts available

Candidates for the following posts need to be hired,

  • Assistant managers for Procurement
  • Assistant manager for Production

Assistance required

The incoming projects are different from our ongoing projects as they require fieldwork. Newly hired assistants will be asked to conduct research and compile all the information under one branch to give it a shape of a project.

Recruitment Strategies

A recruitment strategy is an action plan that assists in identifying, attracting, and hiring the best candidates for vacancies.

Following strategies can be employed for recruitment,

  1. Treat candidates like customers

The first impression of the company should be good in the eyes of candidates. It is important to make them feel comfortable and let them know that you are excited to get to know about them.

  • Be respectful of their time and do not make them wait longer just because they are candidates
  • Be hospitable and ask about refreshments from the candidates
  • Make yourself available even after the interview so they can share their questions later
  1. Using Social Media

Social media could be used for recruitment as there are many groups on Facebook or Instagram where job opportunities are posted by different companies and interested individuals with required qualifications can apply to jobs. Using social media, messages of job vacancies can reach the masses within no time.

  1. Recruitment companies

Different recruitment companies provide candidates to the client companies according to their demands. This whole process involves the contract established between our company and any recruitment company. We provide details of the job description of a vacancy and hire them for our company. Recruitment companies provide job applications to several mediums and conduct interviews to hire the perfect candidate fitting our job description.

Hiring right employee

Hiring the right employee for the company is very important, otherwise, wrong hiring can be very costly, toxic for the work environment, and time-consuming.

On the other hand, the right employee pays you back by enhanced productivity, good employment relations, and a positive impact on the workplace environment. The right employee with a creative mind can increase the company’s value by the influx of projects. New ideas incorporate into a department and change the overall dynamic. Following steps should be considered while hiring any employee,

  • Completely describe the job description to the candidate so that they do not have any doubt left. It will help the candidate in deciding if they can take on all the responsibilities.
  • The recruitment team from the company should be made so that they are well aware of what questions to ask from the candidates. If the board decides, I will like to be on the recruitment team as well.
  • Plan any of the above-mentioned recruitment strategies to avoid any delay.
  • The work of reviewing resumes, job applications, letters can be very time-consuming. To avoid wastage of time, it is important to outline a complete job description so those candidates can apply who are worthy of such jobs.
  • Screening of all applications including characteristics, qualification, experience related to the job description should be done very skillfully.
  • Select candidates that match the company’s outline perfectly rather than other candidates with a different set of skills so that you are only left for good candidates for the job.
  • Pre-screening of each applicant is very crucial as the candidate may look good on paper due to their skills set but a lot can be guessed while talking to them on phone before a personal interview. It also provides the opportunity to discuss salary packages with candidates, if it does not sit with any candidate then should not be called for a one-on-one interview.
  • Job interviews are key tools, used by employers for hiring. They magnify the outline of the job description and help in identifying the right employee.
  • Before the interview, the recruitment committee needs to sit and arrange a set of questions that will differentiate the desirable candidates from all other candidates.
  • Background checks of each candidate are very important as a company cannot take the risk of choosing a candidate without prior knowledge. We do not have time for any trial. Most of the candidates are screened out due to their background checks and will save us the trouble of the interview.
  • Reference letters from a former supervisor or other organizations should be given priority as these letters truly define the behavior of a person in the work environment.



New Staff Recruitment Proposal Template