Music Club Proposal to School Principal

Hamptons high school
East Riverside, London
Max Shepherd
Principal and Trustee
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Date 28 February 20XX

It is stated that I am a bright, intelligent student of this institution. I am writing this letter on behalf of the student’s community, for the presence of a music club at our school. Almost every student is eager to participate in its establishment. Music plays an important role in our lives as it soothes our problems and provides a certain way.

I hope the administration will consider this idea seriously as any students have the talent of singing and playing instruments, but they need guidance to hone their skills. Most of the students do not even know about their gifts unless they are forced to do so. It will be a good activity each day for one hour. Schools can also organize music festivals annually to appreciate good singers and they will gain the confidence to spread their voice world-wide.

I have attached a detailed proposal of the music club existence school. I hope you will give my proposal a read and we can discuss further giving life to this idea.


Eric Dane
President of student’s community
10th grade
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Every student is blessed with quality. Some of these qualities are hidden whereas, for some people, they show up in unexpected situations. Each person has their talent as some are good at singing, playing instruments, acting and so forth. Each person wants to express their hidden talent to the world. These talents need some polishing as raw talent can get lost in the crowds of talent. Singing, acting, dancing are gifts of nature, polished in the world to entertain the masses.

Both public and private sectors understand the need of polishing one’s skills to perfection. Such efforts should be made from the start to lay a good foundation. Schools should be equipped with every resource that a student might need so that it is easy for them to approach and learn. The presence of a music club was agreed by 70% of students on a survey. It will provide opportunities to every student, hone their skills, and guide them in the right direction.


The purpose of this music club is to promote and preserve the performing arts including classic music, to educate and enrich the community through exposure to visual and performing arts, and to encourage the excellence of music.

The vision behind the idea of developing a music club is to transform and nurture the talents of students into recognizable arts that bring them fame as well as work. Performances at music clubs can improve their talent and will provide confidence to face masses and perform on big stages. It will provide a place for musicians and vocalists to present their talents, explore different types and styles of music and become a source of entertainment for the community.


Within Hamptons High School, a big hall was established five years ago, to conduct seminars and presentations. It was used for some time but later, the seminar was arranged in the auditorium. The meeting hall is of no use and is being filled with garbage.

It would be a great room for a music club as it also has small rooms attached that can be used for different purposes. Hall is very spacious as it can accommodate a large crowd. If needed, sectioning of the hall can be done to make music rooms. It will act as a good classroom for learning music.

We can also look at other options if meeting hall turned music club is not good for the school. We are always open to options.


  • A place for the music club
  • Availability of instruments
  • The hiring of expert musicians
  • Inclusion of music activity in the timetable of students
  • Selection of President for arranging everything for the club.


  • Each student should have a general knowledge of musical elements.
  • The ability of every student to read a music sheet.
  • Learn the history, culture, and other aesthetics behind the music.
  • Understanding the difference between different kinds of music
  • Learning difference between classical and modern music
  • Learn to convey a message through music.
  • Overcome stage fear.


Different activities can be performed for students that will be entertaining for them. Some of the activities include,

  • Organizing concerts of different local singers to promote singing.
  • Allowing students to critically analyze singers and learn.
  • Teach students the basics of song creation and adding music to the words of their choice.
  • Broaden the base of musical genres and artists.
  • Conduct performances of students to remove their stage fright.
  • Assign music projects individually as well as in groups.
  • Conduct presentations on the history of music for a better understanding.
  • Practice accepting constructive criticism gracefully.
  • Provide opportunities and assistance in playing instruments.
  • Conduct special concerts for instruments and appreciation.


A timetable should be devised for every class so that each student can avail of the opportunities of music class.

Each day a new class can have their music lesson thus, only one class for a grade. This will allow every student a chance of discovering their talent.

Students who own instruments such as guitar, trumpet, cello, and others, will be asked to bring their instruments with them.


Establishing a complete music club will not be possible without hefty funds. Some of the students suggested ideas for procuring funds. These ideas are mentioned below,

  • The school will be asked to provide a handsome portion of the funds needed.
  • Students will contribute to the cause according to their liking, no student will be pressured.
  • All the trustees of the school will be asked to donate to this good cause.
  • Parents of each student will be informed about the formation of the music club and asked to contribute graciously.
  • Different communities in the school will collect funds through various means and contribute.

All students of the music club will be required to

  • Keep track of their grades as they are a priority.
  • Music classes will be taken as seriously as academic classes, with no late arrivals or early exits.
  • Exercise respect for fellow students, teachers, and themselves

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