Pet Products Manufacturing Business Proposal

It is stated that I, Patrick Dempsey, have been associated with the animal health and care department for 18 years. I started my journey as a pet lover and later settled for this job and move permanently to London. It is not easy to take care of a pet, people love to buy them but after a few days, forget to take care of them properly. Just like humans, pets also require certain objects during their developmental stages that help them to make a connection with humans.

During my 18 years of service, I came across many cases where owners did not take proper care of their pets and they ended up in hospitals in bad shape. In some severe cases, animals were starved to death due to the negligence of their owners. Therefore, I always wanted to work in the field for the betterment of people’s behavior towards their pets. I came across the idea of designing and manufacturing products related to pets. It will help them gain confidence and build trust in their owners.

All the animal-related businesses are approved by the XYZ department before they are started therefore, I am attaching a complete business proposal of my idea and how it can gain physical existence. Kindly consider my request.

Eagerly waiting for your response.


Patrick Dempsey Animal health and care Contact [X]


Man is known as a social animal because of its shared similarities with animals. All animals were considered wild but later it was established that even the wildest animals can be tamed. Soft and harmless animals were then used by people for different purposes such as milk and meat from cow and goat, wool from sheep, and other products.

Moreover, people found friends in animals and started taking care of them as pets. Many animals such as goats, parrots, cats, dogs, rabbits, peacocks, and many other animals are used as pets. These pets are purchased from the specific animal shops and are then taken care of as family members.

Just like humans, pet animals also need proper care to live among humans. All pets and pet owners are vaccinated to avoid any disease transmittance. Pets have regular checkups with veterinarians to ensure their health.

Various pet products are used such as toys, utensils, and beds that enhance interaction among humans and pets. These products are designed by different brands and can vary in their prices. Specific designers specializing in pet essentials design these articles that are good for their health and overall being.


Developing a fully functional manufacturing plant is a difficult job and cannot be taken care of individually. It requires continuous efforts from an experienced and skilled team to keep it running and make it a successful venture. Following objectives will be attained over the course of one year,

  • Search for the appropriate location for the factory setup.
  • Deciding name and policies for the setup.
  • Hiring staff and providing them adequate training for the job
  • Purchasing all the machinery for setting up the manufacturing plant
  • Hiring designers for making unique yet playful pet products
  • Procuring good quality raw materials for the products
  • Initiating the process of manufacturing and packaging
  • Providing high-quality products to the customers

Keys to success

The success of each business lies within the workings of the business. No outside force controls its success. Success can be achieved by following,

  • Experience and skilled staff that can handle customers in an efficient way
  • Using high-quality raw material to ensure product quality.
  • Keeping up with the promises of product and their timely delivery


Products manufactured by the company will include,

  • Dog catching toys
  • Cat catching toys
  • Teeth cleaning tools
  • Tethers for cats and dogs
  • Dog collar
  • Dog leash
  • Dog and cat litter removing tool
  • Eating bowls
  • Drinking bowls

All these products can be used for all types of pets. Particularly, products are manufactured for cats and dogs but feeding bowls and teeth cleaning tools can be used for all pets. All of these products will be designed by special designers and will be adorned with the shapes of animals.


The sole mission of establishing my own business is to create products that enhance interactions among humans and pets. Thus, humans become more protective of their pets and take care of them.

During my service, I came across many cases where pets were left to die by their owners and nothing could be done. Through my business, I just want to contribute towards the health and care of animals specifically pets.


The workings of the manufacturing plant will be managed by a skillful team of employees who will work to bring success to this business. The team will include,

Manager: The manager of the plant will be responsible for

  • proper installation of machinery
  • Hiring staff members if required
  • Taking care of plant running smoothly
  • Governs if the plant is not working properly
  • Create an amicable environment at the work

Workers: 50 workers will work for 7 days a week from 9 am to 5 pm in the plant. They would be allowed one day off.

Administrator: The administrator will be responsible for

  • Dealing with all legal matters of the plant
  • Paying to all the employees timely
  • Make a record of everyone present at the plant each day
  • Taking care of all money related issues of the plant

Marketing strategies

The success of each business depends on the marketing strategies that its employees adopt for spreading the word about its products. Some of the marketing strategies include,

  • Contacting veterinarians and ask them to endorse our products
  • Provide products to the animal keeping places free of cost so that they market our products to their customers
  • Social media groups can be used by posting all information related to products
  • Different shopping brands such as Amazon can be used for endorsement


Pet Products Manufacturing Business Proposal

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