Horticulture Project Proposal Letter Template

Dear Cooper, this letter serves as a proposal letter. First, I would take this moment to thank you for expressing your interest in the services of the ESSTEEG Organization. We received your email asking for the proposal for the horticulture project launch and the brief details on the project.

ESSTEEG Organization is a non-governmental organization that has been established in 1995-1996. The organization has been working in the private sector and assisting the government in various projects in education, economics, and social welfare along with natural emergencies in the time of disasters. Keeping it brief, I would suggest you visit our website www.essteeg,org.com for other profile-related details on the company’s working and functioning.

As you know the climatic emergency and the urgency to take serious steps, we have offered a horticulture project in which we shall instigate common people to grow more plants and make their area green while doing the same at a larger level. The foremost step that can be done to cater to the climatic emergency, we need to take quick steps for mass plantation. Thus, the project named ‘Go Green’, entails the project initiation instantly.

Our methodology for the project would be gathering people by conducting different seminars, concerts, and other events like furniture expos. While doing this, we shall merge the ideology of the “GO Green” with the happening events so that the message can be delivered.

On the other hand, we shall plant 50 million plants in the urban areas where there is a dearth of greenery and plantation. Building more green belts on the motorways and in the commercial squares shall also be added to the project. Moreover, local people would be given seeds and young plants and cultivation.

The project would be funded by various brands and businesses. We want to include your business and work in partnership with Alsecs Attire. For this, we have formed a special team formally supervised by the Team Leader, the director of the ESSTEEG organization. The project will be directed and propagated by the joint association of our senior project manager Mrs. Silvera and Idea Head Mr. Mike Adams.

The objective of the project is aware the people that climatic emergencies come nearer and nearer every day. This aims to project the common masses who do not understand climate change and the associated emergency. Further details would be furnished in detail in the project proposal.

Please respond to us within three working days on the concept and the proposal letter. More details shall be provided later. Thank you. You can contact our project management team at [EMAIL] if you find anything muddling or ambiguous. Thank you.


David Hazleton
ESSTEEG Organization (reg. NGO)


Horticulture project proposal letter


Re. Horticulture Project Proposal

Thank you so much for considering our company and showing interest in our services. We shall try our best to satisfy your requirements at each level on the premises of this project. Our company always seeks pleasure in working with competent and highly professional clients like you.

Our company has been serving in the biotech manufacturing of seeds and plants through biotechnological mechanics. We also provide fertilizers and other proper nutrients for the quick and proper growth of the plants.

We provide a certain atmosphere and temperature to the plants in which they can be grown into full trees in a few months. This is done by biotechnological mechanics and other engineered methodologies.

We propose our services for the projects in which appropriate cultivation and quick growth of the plants by not intruding the natural phenomena and giving proper nourishing tools. In the project named “Climatician”, we would like to present our services for the cultivation and growth of the plants with effective and quick results. Areas deprived of plants and trees shall be the primary focus of the project.

For this, we have advanced machinery and an expert team. This shall be supervised by Mr. Hughes, who has been working as a research team leader since 2015. Moreover, he keeps extensive experience in the field of horticulture. Along with him, we have other seven team members who will work with your company in making this project a success.

Further details can be provided in the proposal submission. Please submit your response by 04-10-21. We are looking forward to your positive response and are girded up to initiate the work. You can contact our project manager at +1[#] or our managing director at +1[X]. You can also respond by sending an email to [EMAIL].


Charles Greene
The Advance Ploughers
Y-9901, Sector 221, Orlando
Florida, USA

Horticulture project proposal letter