Bakery Business Proposal for Word

If you own a bakery, you will probably want to get sponsors to help the bakery out. It is important to convince these people to do business with you. You have to be professional and show the client the benefits of this.

A bakery business proposal is a written document sent to some prospective investors to convince them to do business with you. In the proposal, you will be showing them why it is a good idea to invest in your bakery.

A bakery business proposal is an important document because it helps garner interest from any potential investors or also loans from a bank. When you make a bakery business proposal you can carefully analyze everything about your potential business. You will be considering stuff like the equipment you will require, to the area needed for the business. With the help of the proposal, you can make your bakery dream come true.

If you need to make a bakery business proposal you should take the task seriously. It is a professional and formal document and should be made in this way. The following tips can be kept in mind:

Application: The document should be typed as it is a formal one. You can do this in Microsoft Word.

Start of the proposal: State who the proposal is to and who it is from. Give the date then begin with “Dear” and end with “Regards” and your name. You can begin the proposal by having a paragraph that mentions what it is about. If you have already had some meetings with the client, you will thank them for this and state that you are excited to start the bakery business.

Give the address where you hope to do this, if applicable. You should tell that you are looking forward to the client financially helping you set the business up. State that you have prepared the following proposal for them with all the points. If the investor has any questions, it should be easy for them to contact you and address these.

Heading: The heading can be the name of your bakery and then the business proposal, for example, “Sam’s Bakery Business Proposal”.

Business Summary: You will state where you want to open the bakery. Give details of how you want the business to be, for instance, it may be a takeaway one or one where customers can buy in-store. Give your aim for the business. It is important to tell your qualifications and how they can help the business. You may be a chef and love baking. Tell what the bakery will provide and what ingredients will be used. Give your wish that the investor should help your business out.

You can give a list of the products you want to sell like cakes, and what types of cakes, like cupcakes, novelty cakes, etc. The hours of operation, location, items sold and workers can be stated also.

Problem Statement: You will let the investor know why you want to begin the business in the location you have chosen. It may be that customers have no other bakery options there.

Objective: Give details of your main objective. It may be to help make the life of people easier in the community where you want to set the bakery up. It can be to give freshly baked comfort food, have an outlet that gives customers a range of products, and be able to have enough profit in the first few years so that you can expand the bakery business.

Location: Tell the features of the location which can help the business out. You can inform the investor about the expected rent.

Production: Under this, it will be listed where the items will be prepared and who will prepare them.

Market Analysis: State why bakery items sell and are popular.

Competitive Analysis: Here you will let the investor know about the competition from other bakeries.

Marketing: Let them know where you plan to advertise the business. It can be in all mediums. Tell me how you will do this.

Start-up Cost: Inform the investor how much you are expecting they will be able to give you in a loan. The estimated start-up expense details should be given.

Running Cost: The expenses for every month have to be given.

Loan Requirement: You need to tell the investor how much is needed to set up and sustain the bakery and how much you are financially capable of.

Sales Forecasts: State the expected sales forecast in table format for items that will be sold.

Financial History: Give details about your credit reports and credit scores.

Future Planning: Give these in point format.

Approval: Let the investor know that you are seeking their approval to proceed with the arrangements and let them know you will work on the Terms and Conditions after this.

Contact Us: Give details of how the investor can contact you.

Final Words:

A bakery business proposal is a document that should be made with care. You need to convince the investor to help your business out.


Bakery Business Proposal