Kid’s Clothing Store Business Proposal

I have worked for [X] boutique for eight years. It is a very well-known and well-reputed boutique because of the involvement of modern style in clothing. Many celebrities shop from this boutique which clearly states its popularity. World-renowned designers are hired and design exceptional clothing which is liked by everyone. ABC is specifically a women’s boutique but also houses gent’s garments. In addition to clothing for women, it also provides assistance in choosing accessories such as jewelry, bags, and shoes. It is a one-stop-shop before attending any event and takes great pride in it.

There are several branches spread worldwide and are operating in a similar manner. I joined the boutique due to my love for designing and creating masterpieces. I wanted to pick up the inspiration for creating my own designs and leave the job but starting work as a helper, I liked my job and worked hard to attain the rank of a manager. Currently, I am managing the boutique with a team of employees including helpers and cleaning staff.

All the needs of the boutique are taken care of through me as I am in direct contact with the owner. After all these years of sheer hard work, I have decided to finally start my business. It will be very different from what I am working on, but it is related. I want to introduce a clothing brand for kids as their clothes are vibrant and can be designed in any manner. Moreover, kids look super cute after being dressed up. This brand will focus on both genders equally and all the designs will be made accordingly.

I want to set up a store on the main road so that it catches the attention of people and generates great revenue. I have written a proposal and attached the following letter to seek your approval. Kindly consider my request.


[X] at ABC Boutique


Kid’s clothing is the clothing designed specifically for kids of different ages. It includes shirts, trousers, onesies, PJs, pajamas, undergarments, and nightwear. There are many brands of kids in the market, but they offer very expensive clothing. Such overpriced clothes can be bought for events or other special occasions but for regular use, parents are always looking for affordable clothing as these clothes shorten every season.

Kid’s wardrobe is changed every year because of their growing age; therefore, parents do not like to buy expensive clothes. In addition to western clothing, the store will also display a collection of eastern clothing. These clothes are very popular among Asians and they do buy these clothes for specials events.

Moreover, Pakistani and Indian religious events are incomplete without dressing their children in eastern clothing. These clothes are full of colors and are embellished with different types of jewels, laces, and much more. This collection will be specifically designed by someone who understands eastern clothing and is also aware of the culture of respective customers.

A kid’s store will be a perfect place for kids to shop. It will provide all essentials related to them, under one roof. From newborns to teenagers, their wardrobe and other accessories can be bought from the store. It will also house the collection of shoes, belts, bibs, diapers and so much more. To entertain kids that are accompanying their mom to the store, I have plans of installing few swings in a small portion so that mothers are not bothered by wailing or running kids. They can shop peacefully while kids can enjoy themselves in the play area.


To lay the foundation of any business is a very difficult task and it can only be achieved with determination, finances, and thorough knowledge of the field. It also requires a competent team to share the workload with and rely on them to carry out the best performance. This difficult task can only be achieved by dividing it into small, manageable steps which are mentioned below,

  • Renting a place for setting up the store, which is accompanied by a small office, 2 changing rooms and play area.
  • Renovation and decoration of the store to attract children and their parents.
  • Setting up the office space to deal with different issues.
  • Setting up a warehouse to stock excessive clothing such as different sizes.
  • Buying hangers, movable display racks, toys, and other objects for hanging clothes.
  • Buying stationery for office use.
  • Purchasing high-quality raw materials for designing and stitching clothes.
  • Meetings with other designers for creating different articles for kids’ seasonal collections.
  • Hiring staff to work in different departments such as manager, receptionist, helper, accountant, and others.
  • Hiring kid models for marketing clothes.
  • Employing unique marketing strategies to spread the word.


Running a business or a company is not easy as it comes with bundles of responsibilities and to work through them can be very nerve-wracking. Following skills can change dynamics as they are important for maintaining a business successfully,

  • Knowledge of management can prove wonders as businesses are all about managing various domains at once and providing exceptional outcomes. Managing designers, orders, clothes, working team, and other legal matters can prove to be difficult but managing everything in due time can help a lot.
  • Leadership quality not only allows you to manage your team in the best manner but also helps to delegate tasks and receive the best outcome.
  • Knowledge of finance is very crucial as every new setup requires a lot of finances which can be very hard to maintain. This quality frees you from hiring any extra help to take care of the finances. Every task such as purchasing, paying, hiring, selling, renting involves money.
  • A professional degree in the field of designing from a reputable institute can provide a path for work.


Kids clothing store business proposal