Ground Maintenance Proposal

I have been associated with ABC company for 5 years. ABC company specializes in providing services related to the maintenance of government buildings and properties and keeping them in good shape.

They are in contract with the government to take care of all the buildings in a particular area and make sure that no plant or other space is out of shape and looks ugly. Just like this company, the government has managed contracts with several other companies and maintained the city in a better manner.

Various services are provided by these companies and may vary depending on the requirement of building or other properties and their use by official employees. ABC company provides services related to ground maintenance of all nearby buildings through a team of workers and managers. Efforts of whole teams are required to perform tasks efficiently within a certain time limit.

After serving the government for so many years, I have decided to set up my own company in ground maintenance but keep my horizon big so that more people can be employed because it is very difficult to acquire a government contract. I have already devised a proposal for my idea and presented it for your approval.

Kindly consider my request at your earliest.


Ground maintenance is defined as the processes involved in shaping grounds and other flat surfaces surrounding buildings and other areas.

It is believed to keep outdoor areas neat and clean. End results of such cleanliness are aesthetic and presentable. The overall value of the property can be enhanced by giving it a good outlook and maintaining it in a better manner.

Ground maintenance workers also work on indoor plants and take care of all the plants that cannot be put in direct sunlight. Major work required from these workers includes cutting, pruning, collecting, mowing, and landscaping.

All the government properties i.e., institutes, departments, housing schemes, and other avenues hire professional ground maintenance workers and companies to shape their outdoors and take care of indoor plants. These workers are responsible for maintaining and watering all plants in the vicinity of the area.

During spring, all these buildings are decorated with freshly bloomed flowers and most of the government institutes conduct flower exhibitions which is the hard work of ground maintenance workers.

There are several workers and companies that work on contracts with the government but very less companies offer their services to the citizens. Many private houses and buildings require maintenance of their ground therefore, my company will provide services to these buildings and citizens.


Different companies provide different types of services based on the requirements of clients as well as on the nature of the working area. Some of the services offered by the company include,

  • Collecting all leaves from the ground and keeping the grass clean of any leaf debris.
  • Pruning all the plants in a proper shape to give them a good look and also enhance the overall look of the ground.
  • Removing all weeds from the plants and making sure that all plants are pests-free.
  • Application of suitable insecticides and herbicides, if required.
  • Using all the debris and waste of dead leaves to use it as compost.
  • Mowing lawns to keep manicured grass.
  • Providing services related to indoor plants such as watering and cutting.
  • Daily watering to plants or watering based on their requirements.


There are positive and negative aspects of every business, but the success of every business depends on determination and commitment to the cause. Significance of ground maintenance business can be observed through the following points,

  • This business will provide jobs to many individuals and help the community greatly.
  • A learned skill is always good rather than sitting idle and waiting for a miracle to happen.
  • All government sectors are committed to great companies to maintain their grounds, but private sectors and common citizens also require these services therefore, these businesses have a great chance of blooming.
Ground maintenance proposal template