New Product Proposal Letter Template

A business earns profit through new products. So, a business certainly needs to keep launching its products every now and then in order to increase buyers all over the world. We can see many brands that are continuously winning more and more customers just because they are active in launching products in the market. Businesses that want to grow and progress are needed to have products to be able to compete in today’s market.

The competition in today’s market is high and the consumer has lots of choices when it comes to choosing a product. Due to this fact, the manufacturers have to put more effort into making their products sell. Unfortunately, many new and good products in the market often go unnoticed due to the lack of expertise of the manufacturer.

Need of a proposal…

The manufacturer needs a product proposal no matter whether he is selling a costly product or an inexpensive one. A new product proposal should be a convincing document so that it can make a big difference.

The new product proposal is prepared by the manufacturer companies when they launch a new product in the market. The proposal can make the general public know about the product.

When you write a new product proposal to your clients, you actually try to convince them to buy that product. Some manufacturers also write new product proposals to retailers in order to persuade them to sell these items.

A proposal is a recognition…

A newly launched product in the market needs some recognition. This is the only way by which the sales of that product can be boosted. Organizations that really want to make a profit never leave their product on chance. They do proper advertisement. The proposal is a great marketing tool that enables a business to promote its products.

Although it is not time-consuming to write a new product proposal, you should sit back and think carefully about the content to be added to the proposal. The proposal should not include those details which cannot be easily grasped by the client easily. If you are able to make the proposal with a professional-looking proposal format, you are more likely to increase the sales of the product.

A proposal improves the chances of sale…

The proposal also brings confidence in the person with which the process of a sale increases. The proposal should be able to tell what difference the product will bring in its own domain. The purpose of adding this information is to grab the attention of the client so that they accept the proposal. You can also make use of the template in order to write a winning proposal.

The main elements that can help you write a winning product proposal include:

  1. The complete overview of the product
  2. Executive summary of the proposal
  3. Objectives of the new product
  4. Marketing plan of the company launching the product
  5. Key features of the product

Sample New Product Proposal Template

Prepared By: [Name Name of Company A]
Prepared For: [Name of Company B]

Cover Letter:

The production and design department of [Company A] has designed new products that [Company B] would be interested in. Company B can easily incorporate these new products into their [Name of Category] category, in order to gain more attention from the market audience.

The new products will allow Company B to maintain its popularity and provide a newer design of [Product category] to the target audience. This can also be used as a competitive advantage over other similar businesses. The variety of products will attract different kinds of consumers.

If you have any queries regarding this proposal, please contact us at [email address].

We look forward to your reply.

Business Overview

[Details of business and how it was formed]. [Name of Company A] was founded by [Name of the founder(s)], in [Year]. The purpose of the company is to provide consumers with products that provide more convenient ways of completing daily tasks.

After operating the business as its own brand, the company received an offer to manufacture products for another business. In the next few years, [Name of Company A] closed its own local store and started providing its services to other established brands.

Currently, the company has been divided into 3 other companies. These three companies all design and manufacture products for other brands. Our portfolio is available for viewing on our website [WEBSITE].

Executive Summary

The concept of [Product Name] is to decrease the time it takes to get the [task specific to the product] done. The increasing stress of everyday life can only be stabilized by using products that speed up the process of daily life tasks.

[Provide a brief summary of the products and the need for such products].

Products Details

[Description of products and their uses].

Market Analysis

[Overview of the current and expected future market trends.] The current market has been providing a very small variety of choices for consumers when it comes to [product name]. Due to it being a new concept in daily use items, the consumers have yet to figure out how to incorporate the product into their lifestyles.

However, due to the expected amount of convenience the product is expected to bring to the consumer’s life, the product will soon become a common item used in everyday tasks.

Furthermore, the variety in design allows the consumer to use the product for different occasions, such as both formal and informal. Moreover, the product is also child-friendly and comes in different sizes and designs according to different age groups.

Manufacturing Expenses

[Detailed summary of the costs for the manufacturing of products, for example, cost of materials, cost of production and machinery, etc.]

Product 1:

Product 2:

Product 3:


This proposal has been designed to provide you with an overview of the products and their production. In order to further discuss the details of the proposal, please contact us at the provided contact details.


New product proposal