Cleaning Proposal Letter Template

Offices, commercial buildings, and houses need cleaning services. These cleaning services are provided by cleaning personnel. In order to hire cleaning service providers, many companies offer contractors to bid on the project. The bids are submitted by contractors with the help of a cleaning proposal.

It is a document used by cleaning service-providing companies or individuals to offer their services or submit a bid. The contractors are required to provide details about the service they will provide if the prospective client signs the contract with them. The payment details and frequency of the services are the most common details provided in the proposal.

Those organizations that need cleaners need to get cleaning proposals so that they can know which cleaning company will be suitable for them. The cleaning contractors also need the proposal to submit their bids.

The main objective of contractors using the proposal is to persuade the clients to accept their proposal. Since the proposal outlines all the details regarding the contract, everything is understood by the client clearly reducing the chances of any conflict later.

A cleaning proposal is considered a great tool to persuade clients by telling them how you are better than your competitors. The proposal can give this realization to your clients even if you are not better than your competitors.

An effective proposal for cleaning services does not focus much on cleaning. As a matter of fact, your client knows that you know how to perform effective cleaning and you have the best cleaning staff. So, writing about your method of cleaning is out of the question.

You should write the proposal in such a way that it tells the reader how you stand out among your competitors. There should be a lot more other than cleaning techniques that can excite your client to hire you.

Many clients are so much interested to know why you actually doing this business. If you answer this ‘’why’’ in the proposal, you will definitely win your clients. It is recommended to start your proposal by telling the reader about your existence in this business.

An effective proposal always communicates with the clients and tells why you are better than your competitors. Your client receives the proposal of you and your competitors.

Provide a reason for your client to choose you instead of your competitors by telling him about how you are different. Also, tell the reader what extraordinary you have with you. For example, if you have the latest technology to provide cleaning services and your competitors don’t, tell the reader about it clearly. This will persuade the reader to buy your services.

Cleaning proposal template:

A template for a cleaning proposal is a readymade document that contains all the fields to be filled for an effective cleaning proposal. The purpose of the template is to provide the ease with which the user can get a professional-looking and persuasive cleaning proposal.

Sample Proposal

Company Overview

We, [company name], are cleaning service providers that have been helping people and businesses since (operational year) in keeping their homes and offices clean. We are known for cleaning all types of locations and places. But what we are the pros at is (residential/commercial/or both) to the utmost satisfaction.

Our Services


(Company name) offers the best cleaning plans suitable to your home or business. Follow this proposal for a detailed description of our services.

Room Services

  1. Thorough cleaning of ceilings and walls, doors, handles, and windows
  2. Damp mopping of hard surface floors
  3. Polishing of items
  4. Waste
  5. Carpet Cleaning


  1. Scrubbing of countertops and shelves
  2. Thorough cleaning of kitchen appliances
  3. Cleaning of sinks
  4. Floors mopping and cleaning


  1. All surface dusting and sanitizing
  2. Toilets, tubs, and shower area scrubbing and disinfecting
  3. Mirrors cleaning
  4. Floors mopping

Products used

We take pride in using the most effective and eco-friendly products for cleaning purposes. We strongly believe that a healthy environment is necessary for a spotless home. The products we use are 100% natural and non-toxic and enhanced (product detail if applicable).


Based on the first visit of our capable team to your home/company, we have estimated the total cost of cleaning services. Please have a look at the detailed projected budget and we assure you that you will find it extremely reasonable and fair.

[Provide details]

Our company’s vision revolves around a healthy family and house and it is very important for us. I speak on behalf of everyone at (Company’s name) when I say that we place your satisfaction over anything else.

Please sign below if you agree to pay the above-quoted fee for our cleaning service quotation. Should you require the service not mentioned above or have any other queries, feel free to contact the below-mentioned person.


Cleaning proposal