Employee Training Proposal Letter

Every organization takes the necessary steps to get rid of performance gaps. When the employees don’t perform up to the standard of the company or the company feels that the employees are not improving themselves, the decision of giving the necessary training to employees is made.

This decision is completely based on the performance outcomes of the employee. Moreover, the employees are given training in their own domain.

What is the purpose of conducting the training?

The main purpose of starting the training programs in any organization is to make the employees aware of their responsibilities and set professional goals which are completely realistic and easy to achieve.

The training programs are very useful since they provide those opportunities to the employees that enable them to effectively set a goal and move in a specific direction.

The employee training proposal is written when you want any training program to be conducted in the organization and you need to request the funds.

This can be done when you are capable of effectively describing your problem. The proposal should also tell how the training program will help the employees in their professional growth and development.

Tips for making employee training proposal:

  1. It is very important for you to know that in which area of the company, the employees need training. For this, you will have to conduct different analyses in order to know how the employees are performing and what should be their performance goals. Also, check how the employees are being perceived by their supervisors. Try to know whether the supervisor is happy with the performance of the employee or not. Gathering all the information before you start writing the proposal is very useful for you in order to write an effective training proposal.
  2. The topics that you want to be covered in the training program should also be specified in the proposal. This enables the reader to obtain a lot of details about the training program you want to conduct. Writing the agenda in the proposal makes it easier for the reader to know what exactly you want. Your proposal should not only address your needs for a training program but also what type of training program and what your goals are should also be specified in the proposal.
  3. Once you have collected all the details that you want to include in the proposal, start writing the proposal. The first thing to be done while writing the proposal is to know the exact format of the proposal. For this, you should know who is going to review your proposal. Many people like the proposal that consists of only one page. However, if you are writing the proposal to the board of directors, then you will have to make the proposal more comprehensively.
  4. Make sure that you have also mentioned the prerequisites of the training program. After writing the proposal, proofread the entire proposal in order to check if there are grammatical mistakes.

Sample Proposal

Employee training proposal

Who we are?

[Organization Name] is a company that provides employee training and workshops to help boost their skills. The main aim of our company is to help shape out the employee’s working attitude.


It is important for companies to prepare and adjust their employees according to their working environment. When the companies hire employees, it is their duty to send employees on training. This is because, through such workshops, companies are able to initiate the employees into their workplace. Furthermore, the employees start their character building. This character building of employees enhances the skills and qualities of the employees, which are later recognized as an intellectual advantage.


We started this company in [Year] with the aim to help employees redefine their old and develop new skills and qualities. We do so by providing comprehensive lessons that allow the participants to boost their confidence and work ethics. Similarly, productive activities allow the participants to build team working skills and efficiency.

Overview of Employee training

  • All, old and new, employees are welcome to join the training starting from [Date].
  • The employees will be provided with lessons and skills-enhancing activities.
  • The participants will, in the end, be tested on what they have learned throughout the program.

Estimated expenses of the training proposal: [Price]


Employee training proposal template

Format: MS Word [.docx]