Tutoring Services Business Proposal Template

It is stated that I am the manager of the Operations Department at XYZ company and I have been serving at XYZ for the last 11 years. I have spent my best time at the company and always put my efforts into its betterment and success. I am writing to draw your attention towards a completely different and successful business venture that can never face going out of business, a tutoring center. Tutors aid kids who need extra help to complete their homework or other school-related tasks such as assignments, presentations, and other projects. This business can be conducted online as well as offline providing the physical presence of a tutor in front of a student.

My kids are also being assisted by tutoring services online as they need extra help for their schoolwork. I understand that this business is not your company’s forte but after being successful it can bring glory to your company as well. Marketing strategies can associate tutoring services with our company and different types of marketing will spread information about the company’s objectives.

I have gathered much information and made a proposal for your consideration. If you wish to further discuss a business matter, we can arrange a meeting and see where it goes.

Eagerly waiting for your response.


John Hugh
Deputy Director of OD


Tutoring is a very lucrative business idea that includes the education of children and guides them to educational success. It provides complete assistance to the children as it doesn’t occur in groups but in a one-on-one conversation between a tutor and his student. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all institutions have been closed and students are bound to take online classes so that they do not stay behind. But it is not easy to understand during an online class with 25 or more students and only one teacher. It gets difficult to understand what the teacher is saying, and the lesson is not learned. Therefore, students need more time in getting a hang of their knowledge.

Setting up a tutoring center will not be very costly or hectic. It will require very few essentials and can be set at any location. From tutoring centers, online classes can be provided to the students who cannot come to the center and resides in different cities. It provides each student the opportunity to learn from the best teachers, as distances do not matter.


  • Setting up a tutoring center at a nice location so that no one is troubled for the commute. Location is one of the key points as parents prefer centers that are close by and they do not have to pick and drop kids each day.
  • Hiring tutors that are qualified as well as know-how to handle students in online as well as physical classes. Some teachers are fully qualified but do not know how to teach, those teachers should be given classes.
  • Making a nice, amicable atmosphere of the class that promotes learning and it should not have stuff that distracts students from studies.
  • Making a whole schedule for the child so that they know what they have to study without the tutor’s help.


Following features must be present in the workings of tuition center for it to be successful,

  • A tutor must be patient with children as every child learns at the level of their own understanding and learning cannot be rushed.
  • During online classes, make sure a good Wi-Fi source is used to avoid interruption.
  • Always allow the kid to explain their difficulty without hesitation.
  • Create an environment that allows students to ask questions and remove their confusion.
  • If children want to take a group class, arrange it for them as a question-answer session among different students can help in understanding lectures.
  • A tutor should take tests regularly to ensure the understanding of lectures by students.
  • Tutors should share monthly progress reports of students with their parents.
  • Fun activities should also be arranged so children can enjoy away from the monotonous routine of studies.

Online tutoring business can be started without the physical presence of a center or a teacher. Tutors from different cities or countries teach students from different areas. Online tutoring business can be started by following steps.

  1. Making business plan

Plan a complete layout of the business and draw or write it on paper. All the business strategies, organizing, and operating business will be your vision and a lot of information about the business plan can be searched online. A typical business plan is comprised of a summary, company description, an overview of the market, marketing strategies, management team, and financials. All business revolves around these basic key points.

  1. Classroom setup

The classroom is also important for online classes. It should be a room at home which is away from the noise and is full of sunlight. Position your sitting in a way that there is a neutral background so that students are not distracted. Set up a computer and good internet connection. Use a webcam and a microphone to convey. Tablets or other gadgets with a stylus can also be used to share concepts and illustrations from a distance.

  1. Tutoring software

There is many software available that is helpful for tutoring online. This software should be purchased on priority. These may include video calling software such as zoom or google hangouts as they schedule meetings ahead and send links to participants to join the class. Such software also enables you to share your screen with the student.

Virtual whiteboard software allows you to draw, write and diagram on a digital board that is shared between tutor and student. Such whiteboards are handled by a mouse but using a stylus provides great control and neatness.

  1. Set rates

Set rates for your class on an hourly basis by getting information from other tutor service businesses. Rates should be not more than other businesses as clientage will be highly affected. The rate for an hour can be $20. It may vary according to a subject as science subjects require more understanding.


Tutoring Services Business Proposal