Branding Proposal Template

[XYZ] Branding Proposal

All companies need their identity to stand out from others in this world. Branding is how your audience looks at you. The completion is getting stronger day by day and it is very important to develop a relationship with the customers to keep them loyal to your brand and to attract more clients. As XYZ is striving a little in gaining market shares in the food business, a new branding strategy will help XYZ gain its confidence back and be at the top. Our company can assist XYZ to do exactly that, we will provide an attractive visual identity for the company brand. We believe that your company is looking for greater exposure and uniqueness from its competitors, in order to succeed greatly. We have prepared a proposal to provide you with all the details that will help your company to increase customer loyalty.

Company Introduction

XYZ is one of the top creative marketplaces in the United States. We excel in brand designing and brand designing consultancy. Our creative and professional team of qualified graphic designers and software engineers work their best to fulfill the creative needs of businesses and individuals. Our team comprises more than 100 designers. We deliver desired results by taking our customer’s brand value to the very top and providing solutions that work amazingly for the company’s success.


We offer the following services:


  • Brand Name
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Architecture


  • Logos
  • Letterheads and Envelops
  • Graphic design
  • Business cards/ Banners/ Flyers
  • Labels

Importance of Branding

The attention span of a customer is very short and therefore it is important to grab their attention. A logo defines an entity and is usually the first thing a viewer sees, so it should be expressive and eye-catching. It serves as the foundation of the Brand Identity. The importance of Branding can be put into the following points:

  • Customers: It helps build more customers. A thoughtfully designed company logo serves as an introduction to the business and plays a vital role. Consistency in branding by improved coordination between marketing and customer relations helps engage more customers.
  • Sets apart: better branding sets a company apart from its competition. It provides an enhanced perception of the brand from its competitors.
  • Memorable: If done properly, good branding serves as a symbol of brand recognition. The esthetic logo can reside in the memory for a longer period of time and be instantly associated with a particular business or brand.

Market Analysis

We will carry out a sales and marketing analysis so the branding turns out to be a great success.

Industry Analysis: Today, people are getting more and more health-conscious. We will keep this our top priority while branding XYZ. We plan on capturing the essence of an active and healthy lifestyle in our marketing strategy.

Customer Analysis: Consumers prefer trying new cuisines and the availability of an extensive range of options. We will highlight this aspect of the diversity of food at XYZ.

Competitive Analysis: Currently there are 200 other food restaurants in this state. What gives XYZ an advantage is that they have unique flavors and a wide variety at an affordable price.


We will start the implementation of the branding project as soon as you send us the email accepting the proposal. We believe that the whole process of branding will take about 3 months. Marketing and advertisement depend on the trends and customer responses that may need changes on a regular basis, hence it is an ongoing process. Our company will keep in touch to train and maintain the advertisement and marketing campaign.

Step 1:

Analysis: Our team will gather details about your company to get to know it better. We will have meetings with the associates and gather all the required information for our analysis that will help in the designing process.

Step 2:

Strategize: A long-term strategy will be developed after looking at all the opportunities, strengths, and weaknesses. This will be the backbone of all the marketing ideas to increase brand awareness.

Step 3:

Development: The development phase will consist of two parts; the logo designing and the finalization of the logo.

Logo: A logo is the identity of any brand and the most important thing to be considered. We will design a logo and come up with mockups for you to choose from. You will be able to provide us with feedback and make any changes.

Finalization: The selected logo will be finalized after the suggestions and will be developed.

Step 4:

Implementation: After all the research and logo finalizations, we will start working on social media marketing and advisement campaigns, which will include presence at all the social media platforms, developing the website, and other activities.

Also, we will use institutional and promotional advertisements to increase brand awareness, print media as well as radio advertisements. Our creative team will make suggestions on how to and where to put billboards regarding brand awareness.


The following are the details of the costs. We are offering you a discount rate if you agree to work with us for the next consecutive 3 years.

ServicesCostDiscount Rates
Logo creation$1,000$900
Digital Marketing$1,000$900
Ongoing fee$1,000/month$500/month


  • Our company promises to put its finest efforts into this campaign.
  • A ‘right to audit’ clause will be included in the contract and a monthly audit will be done after each month to ensure that the plan is going accordingly in a cost-effective and controlled fashion.

Terms and conditions

  1. Terms written in the law of the state will be followed.
  2. We expect XYZ to provide all the needed information to our company for analysis and other purposes to carry out the campaign.
  3. An initial 50% payment will be made in the account [X] as soon as the contract has been signed between the parties.
  4. The remaining 50% payment shall be paid as per the terms agreed.
  5. The project can be modified, change, suspended, or cancel at any time by [X] and the full payment to date will be reimbursed.
  6. ABC will have permission to use any scripts, codes, reports, and other contents provided by XYZ during the branding process.

Branding proposal