Health Insurance Proposal Template

[X] Health Insurance Proposal for [Y]

If your employees are happy and healthy, they will be more productive and profitable for the company. Health insurance can help pay for any type of medical injury or disease. The XYZ Health Insurance Company can help in giving your employees health insurance that will be less expensive and more beneficial. XYZ offers insurance plans to individuals, families, and small businesses. Our aim is to focus on a healthy lifestyle by paying a little price on premium insurance payments. Your employees will get insurance by enrolling in the XYZ plan through your company. All you have to do is decide the most beneficial health plan for your company from our offered packages and we will do the rest of the work for you.

Company Introduction

XYZ is one of the most trusted names in health insurance in the United States. We deliver medical care through top hospitals and medical centers. We provide the best customer service and our network consists of more than 11,000 physicians. We offer a variety of health plans that are available for all types of individuals, families, and businesses. We can give any company, health insurance, as soon as they accept our proposal.

Insurance Plans/Packages

XYZ provides you with the best medical coverage insurance plan for both immediate as well as for the future, with simplicity and hassle-free approaches. There are quite a few options to choose from when it comes to health insurance plans. All of the plans have unique and diverse features.

Family Health Insurance

This insurance is available to all ages and professions. This package is highly customizable. It can be adjusted according to family needs. Families will be able to get in contact with our experts all the time.

Maternity Health Insurance

This plan varies if a family is already pregnant or trying to get pregnant. It covers costs related to pre-natal examinations, delivery, and other maternity-related treatments.

Dental Health Insurance

This package varies for Major Dental treatments and Routine checkups. Generally, it covers X-rays, cleaning, hygiene, fillings, Root canals, etc.

Global Health Insurance

The global package covers your health care plans internationally. The cost of this plan takes into account the age, geographical coverage of the area, and the status of coverage selected.

Catastrophic Insurance

This type of insurance plan has lower premiums but high deductibles. It is available for adults up to age 30 in case of a catastrophic accident.

Short-term Insurance

This plan of insurance is available for a shorter period of time, ranging from 3 to 12 months. It is used on a temporary basis. The spouse is also covered by this insurance for the same amount of time.

General Insurance

  • POS Plan: POS stands for the point-of-service plan.
  • CDHP: The Consumer-Driven-Health- Plan
  • PPO: A Preferred- Provider- Organization type of plan provides services at reduced prices.


We have a procedure for how we want to help the businesses that reach out to us.

Analysis: First, we will need to get to know the business better. Our team will do research and analysis of the results. We will also find out how many employees are working under the ABC Company and how much money they are making. This will include the following steps:

Submission of Proposal

We will prepare the health insurance proposal for your company and will ask your company to go through the details thoroughly and provide us with your feedback.

Evaluation of Proposal

XYZ will then submit the proposed report and ABC will be able to evaluate whether that is suitable and beneficial for the company and if any changes are needed to be made, we will revisit the proposal. After that, we will arrange a meeting to further look into the matter.

Acceptance and Approval

The next step would be the acceptance of the proposal. Our team will start all the work to initiate the process as soon as your company gives us the go-ahead. Time: 3 weeks

Strategize: Next, we will start working on the health plan for each employee as selected by the ABC representatives. We will provide a form for the medical history of the employees. After receiving all the information, we will strategize our health plan. Time: 2 weeks

Implementation: After all the paperwork, the employees will be able to enjoy the benefits of the health insurance plans. Time: 2 weeks


Here are the details of the costs of each insurance plan:

    NamesAverage monthly Contribution by each employeeAverage monthly Contribution by each employeeAverage monthly Contribution by employerAverage monthly Contribution by employer
SingleFamily memberSingleFamily member
Family Health Insurance$20$100$80$150
  Maternity Health Insurance$50$90$50$120
  Dental Health Insurance$60$60$50$120
Global Health Insurance$80$150$80$170
Catastrophic Insurance$40$60$50$130
Short-term Insurance General Insurance$20$40$50$110
Consultation Fee$500


Please signature the final contract after a thorough review and complete understanding of the contents of the contract. We will get in contact with you after 1 week so we can arrange a meeting.

Terms and Conditions

  • ABC should manage certificates of insurance on time and should provide other insurances as requested by our company in future.
  • The services provided will only be based upon the plan/package selected by the ABC Company.
  • The consultation fee must be paid upon signing the contract.
  • If a cancellation is to be made, a 30-day prior notice must be submitted.
Health Insurance Proposal Template