Security Services Proposal

A security services proposal is a document that is prepared by a security services company to offer it as a proposal to the client company, seeking a security service. Security is a critical issue and hence, the client companies often want to hire expert security companies for the security provision in their working vicinity.

A proposal is a promotion…

When a company is preparing the security services proposal, it should use it to promote itself so that it can woo the client company to accept its proposal. As this proposal is like a marketing instrument, it signifies its importance and that is why it should be prepared carefully while considering the following points:

  • The proposal should be comprehensive, professional, and formal.
  • The probability of a successful proposal is highly dependent on its persuasiveness.
  • The benefits of a secure environment that can be enjoyed with the contract should be emphasized.
  • The cover page, usually the first thing to be glanced at, should be attractive enough with all the relevant details so that, it would convince the client to go through the whole document as well.
  • The terms and conditions need to be practical and the details of provided services should be clearly stated to avoid any confusion in the future.

Designing from scratch or using a pre-designed format…

When a security services company is preparing a proposal for a client, it can design the document from scratch or use any of the available ready-made templates. If the company opts for the second option, it can simply download the template and customize it on the basis of its requirements. In addition, the pre-designed templates save time and effort for the company as well.

After the designing part, the details that need to be included are to be selected by the company. This is dependent on what the company perceives are the important and attractive details as well as what the client is demanding to know.

Different proposals for different clients…

As these two factors may vary from client to client, it suggests that a different proposal would be prepared for every different client. However, the general details in all the proposals are usually the same, which are:

  • Executive summary/introduction.
  • Company profile.
  • Contract details, such as the security services, employed software, and other technologies, duration, etc.
  • Benefits to the client, especially in terms of high security.
  • The competitive edge of the company.
  • Costs and charges.
  • Persuasive and convincing statements.
  • Terms and conditions.

When the client goes through the proposal, it may accept or reject it. If it feels that the security environment would improve at a feasible cost, it would accept the proposal and make the deal to enjoy the security services of the selected company.

However, if the client does not deem the proposal to be practical, it would reject the proposal, wasting the time and money of the company. In addition, the company may have to seek other clients to provide their services to. At one time, a company may serve several clients.

Sample Proposal Template

Proposal cover letter

I am a retired army security officer and have served the nation for a long period of 20 years. I joined US Army to serve the people and be useful to them. I feel immensely proud of my association with the army as it has been one of the best times of my life.

I served in the capacity of a security guard and was stationed at different places. I have moved a lot during my service and worked with many people which added enough experience to my portfolio. In the capacity of a security guard, my job description was to transport ammunition and other required stuff to the soldiers at a different location. Although, every soldier carries their essentials with them, many times they need more ammunition when the target is bigger than anticipated.

Transporting goods during crisis time is very difficult because you have to be extra cautious and aware of every movement around you. A simple mistake or judgment call can put you away from your people for an indefinite time.

After spending a good portion of my life in difficult situations, I retired from the army with honor. It is not easy to earn a livelihood as a veteran because people do not prefer to hire army personnel. Therefore, I decided to start my own business as a security firm that provides security services to anyone in need. As a veteran, I am fully trained and can also train other individuals if needed.

I seek to hire other retired army personnel as they would be already trained for unforeseen tasks which can be very useful. I have already devised a proposal for my business and attached it with the following letter to seek approval from XYZ Services.

Anxiously awaiting your response.


Derek Shepherd
Retired Army Officer


Security services are defined as the agencies that provide security for any and every valuable on a contractual basis. These firms or agencies can be government-based or privately owned and provide services to every individual or company who can hire them.

Agencies hire professionals and experienced individuals for the role of security guards. Before hiring, a proper background check of every individual is conducted to ensure they have a clean slate and would not cause any harm to the clients and the agency.

Security services can provide protection from violence, theft, vandalism, abduction, protection, and much more. There are categories of guards within an agency based on their knowledge and experience and they are hired on that. They can be hired for

  • Malls
  • Houses
  • Storage spaces
  • Intelligence theft
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Personal guards
  • Shops
  • Others

Security guards can provide protection to different buildings and are different from regular police as they are an important component of keeping the environment safe in public places and avoiding any situation of crowds and fights. Whereas police usually entertain a scene after the crime has taken place and havoc has been created.

Security guards are already at places before the police but they cannot take the law into their hands by making arrests, they can just smoothly deter the crowd and their presence keeps the culprits refrain from attacking.

In addition, various security services firms also provide the facility of guards with equipped intelligence to safeguard software and other essentials from computers or laptops. These guards are capable of building firewalls around the system of home locks and computers that protect data from thieves and allow them to trace them and make them hold accountable.


Being a veteran, I have experienced many near-to-death situations, but I was always prepared for those during my training therefore it did not scare me but setting up a firm and working with civilians can be difficult as they are not trained for any hostile situation and security guards are limited in the benefits provided to them.

The difficult task of setting up can be achieved by following the below-mentioned objectives

  • Renting a place for setting up an office and other essentials to start the firm
  • Purchasing high-quality equipment for guards
  • Contacting retired army personnel and other experienced people for the job
  • Setting up a training session to train the guards and also evaluate their responses
  • Making connections with law enforcement and other such agencies to help each other during a crisis
  • Conducting a session on the use of firearms to teach interested individuals
  • Making connections at different avenues to expand the client horizon
  • Using effective marketing strategies to let people know about the provided security services


The significance of private security guards cannot be compared as the local police are unable to protect us from the ongoing situation of crisis. The police are involved after the deed is done and people have suffered therefore, it is crucial to help your owners and not depend on the government. The significance of security services can be highlighted from the following points

  • Security guards can work their magic just by their presence as their visibility is an alarm for the culprits to stay away from the guarded area.
  • Moreover, active guards who walk around the guarded area, and observe live CCTV footage, are enough to prevent a crime.
  • All the security guards are vigilant and active, if burglars do a little research and find guards sleeping on duty then doing the crime is a piece of cake but active guards can be seen from far and take care of the situation.
  • All the guards are trained to smell, observe, see a minute change in the scenario and react according to what they are taught. They are very diligent on the job and keep a check on everything and every person.
  • Every security guard is trained to actively response in case of any suspicious activity. They are not allowed to use arms but can deactivate the culprit successfully by using different techniques.


Security services proposal