Employee Training Proposal Letter

An employee training proposal letter, attached to the employee training proposal, is a letter prepared by a company for a client company. Often, the clients or the law do not require this letter, but the companies still like to add it with the proposal for its associated numerous advantages.

This letter serves the purpose of a cover letter, which has the main information regarding the proposal and the company. Where the cover letter of the proposal includes the proposal information, this letter emphasizes more on the company’s strengths and worth. It mentions the competitiveness of the company while highlighting its suitability for the project.

As this is not a mandatory letter, so there is no set standard for what needs to be included in it. It can vary from one training program to another or from one company/client to another. However, in almost all the employee training proposal letters, the following basic information is, usually, always added:

  • Date
  • Details of the company.
  • Details of the client.
  • Reference to the client’s request for the proposal.
  • Importance of training.
  • Mention the training program being offered and its alterations according to the client’s requirements.
  • Benefits of the program for the employees and the company.
  • Strengths of the company and why it should be chosen over its competitors.
  • Experience with and satisfaction of previous clients.
  • Mention the attached proposal and any other documents.
  • Openness for communication.
  • Salutations and signature.

This letter is a formal and professional letter and hence should be written very carefully. The tone and the choice of words are important in constituting an image of the proposal as well as the company itself in the eyes of the client. It can also be used to promote the company and convince the client into accepting the proposal and making a deal.

Sample Employee Training Proposal Letter




Dear Mr. James,

This letter is in reference to our phone conversation on 7th November 2019. You showed interest in our training program and we have prepared a detailed proposal for your company to consider. The proposal and the program modifications have been designed based on your requirements.

Employee training is essential for their constant development. We have been providing training services to various companies on a continuous basis. Clients have repeatedly approached us due to their employees’ improved performance that they have witnessed after our training sessions.

We will ensure that your employees learn and gain the maximum benefit of your investment in them through this training. In addition, the investment you will be making and the quality and standard of the training that your employees would be getting would be unmatchable to our competitors.

The details of the program are attached to the proposal along with the financials. All the aids and materials to be used in the training would be provided by us. If you want any information, kindly, contact me anytime at [X].

Looking forward to serving you best.


Samantha Ross.


Employee Training Proposal Letter

Employee Training Proposal Letter